Laser Cutting     Metal working - Bending, cutting, welding
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Powder coating

We are using Corona technology for powder coating on automated painting line. Before painting all details are prepared on 5 stage treatment stations, where all stages are based on DEMI water. We paint with all RAL colors , but also use non-standard colors on client’s request (Pantone). We have got our own paint suppliers, however we can use powder coat delivered by client, as well. We have many years of experience in painting of our own products, that pays off in quality while painting details for our clients.

Surface treatment before painting comprises of spray cleaning with chemicals, 2 stages of water rinse, and final stage with chemicals – no rinse. Our chemical preparations do not change color of details.

Dimensions of details we can fit into our powder-coating plant:
- Maximum length: 2900 mm
- Maximum width: 750 mm
- Maximum height: 1250 mm

Metal working – Bending, cutting, welding.

In our workshop we have got guillotine able to cut sheets up to 2mm, Trumpf bending brake, and RAS bending machines, which can bend details as follow:
- Maximum thickness - 5 mm
- Maximum length of bending - 2000 mm
We have several independent modern welding stations where we can perform MIG and TIG welding. We specialize in welding of structural steel including zinc covered steel. We are able to weld stainless steel.


We have got means of transportation for our clients and for our own needs.
Our vehicles:
light delivery van VW LT with maximum authorized total mass 3500kg;
truck Mercedes 1220 with maximum authorized total mass 6000kg. Maximum frame free length 6,2 m.