Laser Cutting     Metal working - Bending, cutting, welding
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Stands, racks, Points of Purchase, Points of Sale.

We have many years of experience in production of such fixtures. Our clients satisfaction is achieved by customer oriented approach, flexibility, versatility of our products and their modern design. We excel due to quality of our products, their innovativeness and keeping our words in lead time for our clients. 
Wire Products.

In our offer we have many wire items – bent, welded and heat sealed, which, depending on requirements can be assembled with sheets. Peg board, slat wall, cross bar, and security hooks these are items already made in hundred of thousand in our factory. Our abilities let us perform mass production and volumes reaching thousands are not problem at all.
Metal garden ornament (wind spinner).

We make metal garden ornaments (called wind spinners) that can be used indoor and outside. Different shapes and color of such eye catching items is growing each and every year and current volume levels at several hundred thousand per annum. Production of wind spinners is secured by our patent no P389541.